Galaxy SIII to taste Android 4.1.2 in December


While Android 4.2 is still nowhere to be seen on the smartphone scene we’ve got some sweet news for Galaxy SIII owners, their superb device will finally see a 4.1.2 upgrade in December this year according tgspot.

The upcoming update will likely feature some minor changes and several bug fixes(which were previously reported on XDA) but it won’t be anything out of the ordinary as it’s still based on the main 4.1 branch. We’ll likely see a fully fledged Android 4.2 upgrade for the Galaxy SIII next year once the 4.2 sources hit the AOSP website in a matter of weeks.

For those who want to know the baseband versions along with the Android build:
4.0.3 = I9300XXA
4.0.4 = I9300XXB
4.1 = I9300XXC (Not been used by Samsung)
4.1.1 = I9300XXD
4.1.2 = I9300XXE

via Sam mobile