Daily Android Game: Predators


FOX Digital Entertainment and Angry Mob Games have teamed up to create Predators, a stunning action game based on the actual Predators science-fiction movie franchise.

We have to admit that this game is the best action game we have seen in a while. The storyline, graphics and effects are all combined in one piece, which doesn’t fail to deliver an unforgettable experience.

In the game, you are a predator of a certain clan and the goal is to eliminate the well-trained human assassins from your planet as well as defend yourself from the other predator clans.

There’s a campaign mode and a survival mode. The campaign mode is organized in 31 levels, enough to keep you busy for quite a while. As you progress through the levels, you are given new movements, abilities and combos to perform, as well as more tasks to complete, which range from basic ones to others that are harder. more complex. Also, it’s worth mentioning that with each kill and completed level, you are given a certain amount of honor points, which can be spent for buying upgrades for your character and unlocking certain game modes. Honor points can be also bought with real money through in-app purchases.

The survival mode is not unlocked at the start of the game and you can make it accessible by spending 10000 honor points.

The gaming interface is plain and simple. There are a few buttons and a virtual joystick and that’s about it. That’s not a bad thing, though. We quite liked the arrangement of the buttons and the sensitivity of the joystick itself which, unlike other games, is a pleasure to use. It’s big and comfortable, which is also the case with the other on-screen controls. There can be also found the attack and defense button as well as a couple of other ones that will appear later in the game and will offer you a couple of cool superpowers. Combos can be performed by pressing the attack and defense buttons in a specific order and they are extremely useful in a handful of ways: they take more damage from your enemies and make the game look more dynamic, to say the least.

As we mentioned before, there is also a certain amount of upgrades that can be applied to your character. There are weapon upgrades as well as shield upgrades and can be bought with honor points.