Google Clarifies the Availability of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10


Yesterday we heard that the Google Nexus 10 hit stores ahead of time, and we asked ourselves, could this be right? Fortunately, today we heard the answers to all of our questions we’ve asked ourselves yesterday, and they come straight from Google. Notably, some guy was curious to know what’s up with the pre-orders of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, and here’s what Google said:

Asker: Is Google going to start shipping on the 13th or open pre-orders? In other words, when will the first customers be able to hold the new Nexuses in their paws?

Google PR Rep: They’ll start shipping on that date.

Asker: Alright, thanks. Do you know when the pre-orders will start then?

Google PR Rep: Right now, it’s “Notify me” and on 11/13 it will switch to available for order.

According to their short chat, the two devices will start shipping and be open for orders on the previously announced date, November 13th. As for the pre-orders, there won’t be any. We are not sure why Google chose not to put their new devices for pre-ordering, but we know it’s been put a serious thought on the decision.

Via: TalkAndroid