Daily Android Game: The Hobbit: Kingdoms


The Kabam developer team has just come up with another great casual game that will suit almost anyone interested in this type. The name: The Hobbit: Kingdoms.

The Hobbit is just another casual game, there’s nothing very special about it, yet, there’s still something that makes it in some way unique. It takes place in the medieval times and the goal of the game is to build and rule a town. You have the ability to choose between an Elven or a Dwarven city. The rivalry between the Elves and Dwarfs is as big as it gets. You are in charge of building the town, battling the Goblins and make your own armies in order to battle them.

Probably the most important function of The Hobbit is its multiplayer capabilities. There are the options to form alliances with other player, participate in tournaments and earn valuable rewards, train huge armies and so on. The only thing required to play this game is a good internet connection.

The quality of this game is on a good level. The graphics look good and match the game atmosphere, the music also adds to the effect. However, the game itself seems to lag or have some hiccups here and there. It’s not bad, but certainly needs some optimizations.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms is free on the Google Play Store. It will surely not break any records in terms of download counts, but it’s certainly worth a try.