Daily Android Game: Angry Birds Star Wars


It’s been planned for several months, and Rovio have been teasing us with screenshots and videos of birds dressed up like characters from the Star Wars Universe in their latest addition to the Angry Birds saga. Today, Angry Birds: Star Wars was released and we eagerly got our hands on it.

When the description said that you fight StormPiggy Troopers with Lightsabres and using the Jedi Force, I thought it would be a different kind of gameplay. But Rovio have stuck to what they know best: launching a multitude of birds at unsuspecting pigs in an effort to retake control of the galaxy.

First off, you may be glad to hear that you get the traditional opening from the Star Wars franchise “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….” followed by John Williams‘ famous opening. From then on, Rovio‘s own kind of whacky takes over and you get a Oompa version of the Star Wars theme song befitting the Angry Birds spirit.