The “Tech” World War – Apple Says Samsung’s Galaxy Note, Jelly Bean Infringe Its Patents


The battle between Samsung and Apple has taken a turn today. Even after winning against Samsung in a lawsuit of various patents on 24th October this year which will fetch them around $1 billion, Apple do not seem to be satisfied. They have decided to follow their late CEO/Founder, Steve Jobs’ motto in life of “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”

Last month, Samsung added the iPhone 5 to their ‘patent infringement device’  lawsuit after warning Apple to not add the 4G LTE feature (The fourth generation of wireless network technology featuring greater bandwidth and faster speeds than previous wireless networks) in any of its iDevices. Samsung claims to hold certain 4G LTE patents. But the Cupertino Giant believes that it buys its 4G LTE radios from Qualcomm, which has a full license for these patents. There is also a chance for the 4G LTE feature to be declared as “standards-essential.”

Today, Apple sprung back in action. Reports from Bloomberg show that Apple has added 17 devices including the Galaxy tab 10.1 (which was earlier denied to infringe any Apple patents and was cleared) to their second patent infringement case against Samsung. These devices also included the Galaxy Nexus. The problem Apple has with these Smart Devices is that they all are compatible with a stylus (but they don’t ship with one) and the reason for including the Nexus is that it has “JellyBean Operating System.” It makes no sense and this simply proves nothing but Apple is against Google and its Operating System, Android > Something we all knew since ages.

Apple’s patent war against South Korea-based Samsung is scheduled for trial in 2014. On the other hand, on December 6th of this year, Apple and Samsung will hear few post-trial motions, result of Samsung’s request for a new trial based on juror misconduct and verdict to Apple’s request on banning 8 Samsung phones.

This long-lasting battle between Apple and Samsung did not really include Google’s Android Operating System, until now. We all wait for the outcome but it’s for time to decide.


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