Daily Android App: Tiny Flashlight + LED


Tiny Flashlight is a very useful application that converts your Android smartphone into a flashlight and therefore saves you from the trouble of carrying a flashlight in any occasion and even adds some extended functionality.

Developed by Nikolay Ananiev, Tiny Flashlight has been a massive success since its launch. That’s mainly due to its very simple, but elegant user interface and the various implemented options.

This app uses the built-in LED diode on the back of the device in order to emit light. Almost every modern smartphone has an LED flash and it would be a shame if it’s only used when capturing photos and videos. If your device doesn’t have an LED flash, no problem. With the help of this app, the screen itself can serve as a light source. You can choose between many options: whether the screen will emit light using a solid color, a light bulb whose intensity can be adjusted, warning lights and even police lights. Also, it’s possible to send a Morse code signal using the mentioned LED flash on the back of your smartphone, which can be proved useful in some cases.

The developer has done a tremendous amount of work in order to make this application available to almost, if not all of the Android devices on the planet. Also, this app is easily one of the best supported apps we have ever seen! The developer himself claims that it is compatible with every Android installment, ranging from 1.5 to 4.1 and hopefully 4.2. Overall, it gave us a very pleasant experience.

Tiny Flashlight is free and can be found on the Google Play Store.