Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 scores well on AnTuTu Benchmark


I’ve now had the Galaxy Note II for just over a month, so I thought I’d let you know how I got on. Having moved from iOS and Apple, I feared I might be in for a shock  as I’d only used the Android OS on the Nexus 7. I wasn’t sure how I would get on. I needn’t have worried. I was concerned about not being able to transfer my music from iTunes to the Note 2, but found several apps that made transferring the music, podcast and photos a breeze.

The features this phablet is packed with are amazing, and I can only see them get better. I was asked to run the Galaxy Note II through AnTuTu Benchmark to find out how it ranked against other phones.

Unsurprisingly, the Note 2 was found top of the list and scored well in all tests. It’s Exynos Quad core processor scored high marks, which helped the video score too.

I didn’t run the Note 2’s massive battery through AnTuTu battery checker, however, I have run it through Battery HD Pro, my battery app of choice. This will calibrate itself to your phone by running tests on music playing, video playing and Web browsing over 60-90 minutes. When it is done, it will give you accurate estimates of how long it will take to charge your phone, or (more importantly), how long it will last doing certain activities.

I have noticed that the Galaxy Note 2’s massive 3100 mAh battery lasts longer than my old iPhone 4’s battery. I am able to unplug the phone at 0600 after using it on charge as my bedside clock all night and use it comfortably all day and still have enough power to browse the Internet before bed.

AnTuTu Benchmark is available at the play store.

Battery HD Pro + is available at the play store.