NVIDIA Tegra 4 Will be Unveiled at CES 2013


The NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU was the first dual-core processor found on a handheld device and the Tegra 3 was the first quad-core processor that was firstly found on the ASUS Transformer Prime a year ago. Now, it is natural to expect a new generation of NVIDIA Tegra chipsets to emerge, right? Wrong!

It has been said that NVIDIA will unveil the Tegra 4 prodessor at CES 2013. It is said that it will be twice as fast as the current generation Tegra 3 in both terms: CPU and GPU power. It’s not even worth comparing it with the original Tegra 2 chipset, as it should be ten times more powerful! Also, the Tegra 4 will also be compatible with the actual LTE chips, so we should be able to see plenty of Tegra 4 devices that are capable of LTE connectivity the next year.

It looks like NVIDIA is ready to push the limit once again, but is it a bit too late? Samsung has already updated its Exynos lineup with the new dual-core processor based on ARM Cortex A-15 architecture, which is proven to be faster than the current quad-core offerings. There is also Qualcomm with its newest Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processors and Adreno 320 GPU that have already blown all of the competition away. Only time will tell, though, but take our word: it won’t be easy to take the crown without a fight.