Samsung Galaxy Note II World Tour – Cape Town, South Africa



18 October 2012 – We’ve seen Samsung World Tours happen in other countries before; it was now time For Africa to witness its very own World Tour. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was the chosen device for Africa’s first World Tour and it took place in none other than the mother city of Cape Town, South Africa.  The event kicked off at around 7 p.m. at the Cape Town International Convention Center with guests from all across Africa.

“Africa is the second largest smartphone market in the world” Mr K K Park, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics Africa. 

The first speaker on stage was Mr Park himself who introduced us to the Galaxy Note 2. “There is absolutely no doubt that right now galaxy note 2 is the most powerful smartphone ever available in the market place, it is designed to help the people freely express limitless talent and inner creativity.”

As soon as Mr Park Left the stage it was up to Mr George Ferreira, COO  Samsung  Africa Mobility. to reveal the Galaxy Note 2 to the audience of which we were impatiently waiting for. The Phablet as it is known was revealed in a rather unusual manner – a wired mash of the globe dropped from the ceiling with an outline of Africa and in the bottom of Africa there lie the mighty marble white Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

“Mobility is accelerating  the way the world moves today.” 

Mr Ferreira went on to talk about the trend about smartphones all across the world and how they influence us everyday , “Africa back in 2005 there were just 90 million handsets on the continent up until last year  you looking at  450 million handsets, gives a rough equation of around 500 percent Growth year on year ” he also added that 50 percent of people using the internet accessed it by using a smart device.

He also spoke about Samsung’s on going efforts to increase enterprise mobility so that companies integrate such technologies into their business environments.

It brings us now to the time we’ve all been eagerly awaiting, What makes the Galaxy Note 2 so amazing ?

Zureida the MC  for the evening introduced the crowd to Craig Fleischer , Director of Mobile Samsung South Africa who took us through the Galaxy Note 2 and some of its key elements that make it such a great device. As a current user of the original Galaxy Note which came out just about a year ago I was pretty excited about the Galaxy Note 2’s impressive 5.5” Super AMOLED HD display. The fascinating part of it all it was bumped up from a 5.3” to a 5.5” display but the device itself hasn’t become any bigger when compared to last year’s version. The reason for this was because the bezel was reduced to accommodate the new screen size.


The Galaxy Note 2 weigh’s in at just a 183 grams and is just 9.8mm in thickness but because of the fabulous ergonomic design to the exterior it doesn’t even feel that heavy which is one more thing I find impressive about Samsung design technologies. The Note 2 is powered up by a 1.6 GHz Quad core processor and is driven by JellyBean 4.1.1. The device itself  running the slickest version of Android and the added 2 gig RAM make the device so smooth. Boot up time happens faster , the apps start-up faster, and the web browsing is such a dream.


The Back Camera has been left the same at 8 MP and the front facing camera has been tweaked a bit which is now a 1.9 MP camera as seen on the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is now HD. Bigger screen would mean more consumption so the Galaxy S3 now spots a 3100 mAh battery. “ A single charge should get you through a full day” said Craig Flescher.


The pen has to be the best improvement with the 3 new enhancements to it, thicker for better grip, rubber tip for better interaction with the display and an excellent 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. “The pen always plays a pivotal role in creativity and innovation, architects, writers, innovators all used pen for as we do today, The pen is so much more than an implement for  writing really a conguet for Creativity, when you hold in your hand things start to happen,ideas start to flow, thoughts start to shape.”, Craig Flescher.


  • Air View: Hover across folders, e mails, videos without the S pen touching the screen will bring up the contents instead of going into the folder.
  • Pop Up Note: Double tap the S pen to bring up a quick memo to take down a note. Your pen will be with you all the time.
  • Pop Up Video: Perform two tasks on one screen .while watching a video send a text, Video can be resized in popup video mode.
  • Multi Window: 2 apps running on 1 screen, splits screen in half with no interference between the two apps.
  • Easy Clip: easily crop out that image you are looking for.
  • Quick Command: easily access different menu functions by just drawing the symbol corresponding to the function.
  • Loss prevention: lets you know if you have left your s pen behind.
  • Idea Sketch: Lets you freely express your ideas by just writing the name of the topic.  Eg. Cars. Will bring up a list of pictures regarding cars.


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