Another Google director speaks out on the Nexus strategy


After Google‘s director of Android operating system Matias Duarte stated on two main choices Google made in Android, today another director tells about the Nexus strategy one on one. John Lagerling is director of business development of Android.

In an interview for the New York TimesĀ John Lagerling not only gives insight in his personal favorite, which is by the way the 360-degree panoramic photo. Asked whether the different manufacturers is to keep the playing field fair, he tells it’s has nothing to do with fairness. It’s more about timing: which manufacturer has at the right time the best “phase match”. Back in 2009 that was HTC, now it’s Samsung with its screens and LG with the hardware.

“Google has shown being able to put skin in the game and push back.”

Motorola stands as just a partner in this. Motorola acquisition mostly is about the patents, by with Google “has shown being able to put skin in the game and push back,” as Lagerling states. It’s amazing to read Google tries to keep the prices low where others (read the Cupertino and Seattle guys) are trying to keep the prices and margins high.

Of course Lagerling was asked about most apps in the Google Play Store being phone-apps and not tablet-apps. In this, Lagerling replied Google is aware of the lack of apps that support bigger screens, but that the Nexus 7 caused a very positive trending. In fact though, people who have smartphones are a huge target for Google.

Reading the interview clears out even more the different approach Google has already for years now. Clearly it is a company, but in a certain way it seems to operate as a very flexible community. Some will call this fragmentation, concerning the different version of Android, but in my opinion calling it flexibility gives a word to the specific power of Google.