Daily Android Game: Rope Rescue


Rope Rescue is a puzzle game that will surely push your brain to the limit, in an entertainingly way. It is a game developed by Untame Games and it is only available for Android.

We like the unique concept of the game: we have never seen anything like it. The main character is Rupert the parrot and he is on his way to rescue the other birds that had been captured by the evil bat king. In order to open the cages, you are given a rope which should be taken to the cage’s door. The rope’s length is limited, though, and there are many obstacles to pass in order to reach the cage.

Depending on the amount of rope used to beat the level, you are given feathers. The less rope you use, the more feathers you will receive. If too much rope is used, the bird will get stuck, thus forcing you to come up with a different solution. If you ever get stuck on a level, there are the butterflies, which give you a hint for the two-feathers solution. Butterflies can be found and collected in certain levels although you are given some at the beginning of the game.