Chrome Browser gets updated – is it available for you?


Today, Google’s Chrome browser got an update which fixed some stability and performance issues. This update isn’t major, but gives some reason to write. Chrome now seems to be the default browser in Android 4.2. As to say, the photos of the Nexus 4 point that way. Images of the Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean still show the Android‘s stock browser blue globe icon. Some of the leaked images of the Nexus 4 still showed the blue globe, where the official images show the Chrome icon, as do Nexus 7 images. This might fit in Google’s desire to unify the Android experience, as Matias Duarte stated after the release of the Nexus family a few days ago.

Maybe even more remarkable is how Chrome is presented in the Play Store: Current Version: varies with device, Requires Android: varies with device. For Example, I have an Alcatel OT T10 tablet in use, running Android 4.0.3, which is incompatible with Chrome Browser. My other current device, an Acer Cloudmobile S500, running Android 4.0.4, is compatible and running Chrome though.

Despite of the update and though being fast, I can’t say for sure Chrome is my favorite browser. I really do like Dolphin Browser using Dolphin Jetpack. The only reason I use Chrome as well, is for some reason I like the native stock Android experience.

Get Chrome for Android from Google Play store.