Google’s Matias Duarte on the Nexus not having an SD card and more of Google’s route with Android


On Google Plus, the day the Nexus family was presented, Google Director of Android operating system Mr Matias Duarte asked the question “The magic that only Google can bring is what makes Nexus complete. What do want to know?”

As we speak today, October 31, 426 reactions have been posted. Some of them in short, just asking a question, some of them large as complete essays on what Google should bring.

About halfway, Matias jumps in again on two main issues: ‘Why did Google make the system buttons and status bar consistent across all devices in Jelly Bean‘ and ‘Why don’t Nexus devices have SD cards?’

On the first, Duarte states that Google has unified the design anticipating on the users expectation. “What mattered most of all was muscle memory – keeping the buttons where you expect them, no matter how you hold the device.” In this, he (Google) is very aware of the fact that there are as many ways to hold a device as there are users. The Jelly Bean approach should work for left and right handed people and for different ways of use: holding in your hand, having it on your knee or on a table.

“that techy nonsense left over from the paleolithic era of computing”

About SD cards Duarte says though “everybody likes the idea of having an SD card, in reality it’s just confusing.” Using an SD card on different devices running different builds of Android can be confusing when swapping the card. Some developers have been complaining about this when they found out that in Jelly Bean the SD path has been altered in comparison to ICS. Duarte also points in a clear direction when he says that without SD card “you don’t have to worry about files or volumes or any of that techy nonsense left over from the paleolithic era of computing.” This might sound very bold – keep it in mind and do remember posts telling you how to plug your phone to a screen, without having a pc to drive it. The future is near.

After having jumped in, Duarte holds his peace, even after many enthusiast keep asking and challenging him.

All this takes an evening read, still remaining interesting, especially when one reads carefully through all the posts. And remember, all this matters to Google. Of course Google will sail its own route, but considering you’re part of the destination. Moreover, you’re in charge when it comes to the decision to buy an Nexus or not.

source Google+; Google Nexus