Daily Android App: Camera ZOOM FX (comes with major update)


Camera ZOOM FX, one of the best Android camera apps, got a major update to version 4. One of the greatest changes is the complete new User Interface, which is now completely in the new Android style. Take a look at the screenshots for a walkthrough.

The home screen shows a colored shutter button at the lower centre. Alongside of the shutter button, on the left there’s first the Shooting Option button and a main settings button, which contains the most regular settings like focus, filter, white balance and more. This menu can be scrolled down to a All Settings button. These are mainly app settings, not camera settings.

On the right of the shutter button, you can choose effects by pressing the FX or you can change to video mode by pressing the camera icon. On top of the home screen you can change the flashlight mode and some fancy on-screen rasters in order to increase your photography skills. One of the rasters is the Fibonacci spiral. by which you can choose the right proportions in the picture you want to shoot.

Once you have taken a picture, Camera Zoom FX shows you even more options. In the screen with the red and green buttons, you can again choose an effect to apply by touching the pencil on the right. All the effects are organized in a clear swipe menu. Touching the paper plane on the left will give you the opportunity to share your picture by several means and apps, or to set the picture as wallpaper.

The Camera ZOOM FX app cost €1,99 / $3,00, which is 40% off for a limited time. That’s just for the app, which can do the most basic jobs you’ll need. A great number of add-ons are available for free. You can create some fantastic effects. The composites for example, perform Vignette-like effects and come in three download packs. These are really cool. Some other effects are more of fun: with Buddies Pack you can add small thumbs of  famous people to your just shot photo. Maybe you want to add borders like a painting has using Pictures Frames. Once done you can share your result to everyone you want.