Android-Powered Vivo X1 Takes the Crown For the Thinnest Phone in the World


In today’s mobile phone era where big screens are the real deal, manufacturers are opting for minimizing their dimensions in any way possible. Devices are getting thinner and thinner, but, there’s always that one manufacturer which pushes the borders a level or two up. That said, a Chinese manufacturer named BBK has made the world’s thinnest phone which is known by the name Vivo X1.

The Vivo X1 takes the crown for the world’s thinnest phone to date, measuring only 6.55 millimeters in thickness. That’s probably the best feature on its spec sheet. The other capabilities are not that impressive: it has a dual-core MT6577 processor, which is not impressive. Also, for the price of the Vivo X1, you can easily afford a better, quad-core phone.

All in all, being the thinnest phone in the world, the Vivo x1 is a solid performer overall, but it can’t beat the competition in its price range.