Nexus 4 gets a hands-on treatement in Sweden [Video]


The Nexus 4, the long rumored device that should have been announced today has finally made its way on YouTube ahead of the official launch which is scheduled for a later date due to hurricane sandy. According to the swedish video the device runs the latest version of Android which could well be Android 4.2.

Kept aside blazing fast UI responsiveness & the new clock widget the version of Android appears to have a reorganized power control widgets embedded in a single section of the drop down status menu which is accessible by pressing on an upper right icon next to the ‘clear notifications’ toggle.

The standard internet browser also appears to have been completely replaced by Google Chrome, an initiative which was first seen back in the Jelly Bean days.


Multiple user support may also already be integrated in this Android version giving that the new power control widgets panel features a new ‘user icon’ as seen previously seen on the Nexus 10 leaked screenshots.

Well, that leaves us no more excitement since we’ve already learned a lot about the upcoming Android version but we’ll still look forward for any additional details ahead of the launch event.

via SweDroid