Google Nexus 10 Shows up on GLBenchmark


Just a while ago, we have come across a real image of the upcoming Nexus 10 tablet that is said to be produced by Samsung and boast some very impressive specs. Now, while exploring the official GLBenchmark site, we stumbled upon a very important discovery: we have found a big number of details of the named Nexus 10 tablet and it looks like the previous rumors were true, at least some of them.

The device’s codename is Google Mantaray Manta, which fits in the naming style of the past Nexus devices. The spec sheet on GLBenchmark confirms that the Nexus 10 will run on Android 4.2. The CPU type is not specified, though they’ve mentioned that it will be clocked at 1.7 GHz, which also matches the previous rumors. The screen will likely measure 10.1 inches and it is now confirmed by GLBenchmark that it’s resolution will go higher than any screen resolution found on a tablet today: 2560 x 1504 pixels! That’s higher than the resolution of the current generation of the iPad and will result in a pixel density of about 300ppi.

We are eagerly waiting for the announcement of this masterpiece and, given the fact that it will get delayed, this story certainly pushes our mood up. How do you feel about the Nexus 10?