Google forced to cancel October 29 event, Hurricane Sandy to blame!


Now I know we are not here to talk about weather condition, but this is really important. Latest weather reports coming from U.S. forecasters alerts people living in New England and mid-Atlantic states to brace themselves for hurricane Sandy next week.

According to CNN a storm created havoc on Friday in the northwestern Bahamas leaving at least 21 dead in Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica. The storm has reached hurricane status and it is going to  hit the US coast in the following days.

Due to weather conditions close to New York, Google Inc (GOOG) has decided to cancel October 29 event for a later date. The search giant has issued an official statement:

“We are canceling our Monday morning event in New York due to Hurricane Sandy. We will let you know our plans as soon as we know more.”

PocketDroid staff: For those living on the East Coast please stay safe!

There you have it folks no more Nexus devices next week, but dont worry we got something to keep you occupied for a while as a new Nexus 4 press render leaked out on Twitter from @evleaks and we’ve also got a short video from BriefMobile that shows the Nexus 10 for a brief second. Check it out!