Halloween Special – PocketDroid Top 5 App Picks


The Halloween season is on and only a few days keep us apart from the massive showdown, when everybody will show off a unique costume and pumpkin that is specially carved for the event itself. To boost your experience, we have made a list of the top five applications that will make your phone “fit” in the Halloween style and make it even more enjoyable. Here are our picks:

1. Haunted House HD live wallpaper

Do you want to turn your phone into a scary, haunted mansion? We bet you do and that’s why our first offering is the Haunted House HD live wallpaper, which is developed by DualBoot Games. It’s a 3D wallpaper themed in dark style in the name of the Halloween spirit. This is a masterpiece of a wallpaper, the name fits the created atmosphere, there are countless options for you to change to your likings. Whether you like staying in front of the house or inside the hall, it is not a problem. Do you want ghosts to just randomly show up? Or, do you want to look at evil pumpkins, or at some friendly ones. You can have them all, for just $1.99 on the Google Play Store.

2. Halloween Pumpkin Carver

Halloween Pumpkin Carver is a unique way of designing and making plans for your very own Halloween pumpkin, or just an app for having fun and spending some time. Carve a pumpkin, save it on your device and then share it and start over again. The possibilities are endless and that makes this application stand out from the crowd. You can acquire a copy at the Google Play Store, free of charge.

3. Clouds & Sheep

Clouds & Sheep is a very interesting game that offers you the chance of caring for your own bunch of sheep. Feed them, play with them, toss them like rag dolls and buy some new ones. Complete the numerous challenge and become the master of the sheep. Mixed with smooth gameplay and clever graphics, this game will surely appeal to almost anyone, young or old. And, what’s even better: it’s completely free, so be sure to check it out on the Google Play Store.

4. Doctor Bubble Halloween

Doctor Bubble Halloween is a bubble-shooting game where you have to shoot bubbles in order to clear the board and therefore win the level and progress further. Form a group of 3 or more bubbles of the same type and you will clear them all. The familiar graphics from the other games developed by Magma Mobile are also present here. There are two game modes and tons of challenging levels that will keep you busy even after the end of Halloween. You can get this game for free at the Google Play Store.

5. Connect ‘Em

We liked the original Connect’Em game when it first came out and the Halloween edition isn’t worse by any means. It’s another game developed by Magma Mobile which packs the successful formula of the original game in a new package. The new thing is the theme, which is on par with the ones found in the other Halloween editions of Magma Mobile‘s games. Connect’Em is a puzzle game where you have to connect all of the given blobs together in order to pass a level. Be careful, though. Each and every blob has a limited number of connections, which makes the game even more challenging. And, as other Magma Mobile games, there are many levels to pass, and we are talking about not hundreds, but thousands of levels! Download it from the Google Play Store and play the hell out of it!


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