Alleged Samsung Nexus 10 Quick Start Guide leak


Not to long ago the very first rumors about Google launching a 10.1 inch Nexus in partnership with Samsung surface. These rumors are starting to catch substance, now that photos of an alleged Samsung Nexus 10 Quick Start Guide have been published onto Korean website Seeko.

The schematics in this guide shows off Nexus 10 tablet design which doesnt look a lot different from the usual GALAXY Tab design. The person behind these images actually says that it looks a lot like Galaxy Note 10.1:

0.1 (the approximate translation from Korean – 갤럭시 노트 10.1이랑 비슷한 디자인이네요..)

The guide also reveals a slim body, the positioning of the volume buttons, power button, confirms rear/front cameras and their positions, the proximity sensor, micro USB port, charging port and 3.5mm headset jack. That’s about all we can learn from these images. The remaining details is up to Google to unveil on October 29 in New York.

Cheers to all who sent this in!!