LG Nexus 4 available for pre-order in the UK?


Today, 25 October 2012, one could pre-order a Nexus 4 at Carphone Warehouse UK website. This news was posted several times on Twitter, with an screenshot from the website.

This afternoon, Carphone Warehouse site was off-line, “performing essential maintenance”. Both sub-sites e2-save.com and mobiles.co.uk didn’t have anything to tell about the Nexus 4. Maybe Carphone is getting pre-orders from over the world and couldn’t handle the demand, or well, maybe Google told them to shut it down because of leaking the Nexus 4 this way.

The picture of the Nexus 4 Carphone used, is the picture that leaked yesterday by @evleaks. Let’s remember this still isn’t anĀ official picture. I think that Carphone took its chance, and put the Nexus 4 on its site for pre-order, just following the most convenient rumored details. Every pro-order coming in means cash, so, why not go for it? It’s smart marketing, don’t you think?

Still four days to go. We have it all: rumors about several Nexus devices, blurred photos of possible Nexus’, the Nexus 4 opened, an hoax created on the Xperia Nexus, a review on the LG Nexus already. What news can possibly tell us more?