SwiftKey flow – continuous gliding


This article is definitely going to excite many Android Fanboys and particularly > SwiftKey Keyboard Users. Yes, you heard it right…

Earlier today, SwiftKey showed on its website a new concept/feature called “SwiftKey flow.” In simple words, SwiftKey is going to add the continuous gliding “Swype-like” feature. Along with the regular ”hit the key” keyboard, users can slide their fingers across letters to type a word.

It will offer real time prediction which means that it will predict the words before you have finished typing (4 or 5 letters before the end of a particular word.) This is very efficient. It also promises to give an “Unrivalled Predictive Power.” They do not like to talk as we do and they have given us a small preview:

You can check the video

The reason many Android Users including me, didn’t like SwiftKey Keyboard was that instead of the Enter(Next Line) key, there was a smiley key and in order to go to the next line, the smiley key was needed to be long-pressed and then there was a “next line” key option . This made life tedious. But it seems that they have corrected this and now there is a regular enter/next line key on the bottom right.

The site shows that they will release the beta version soon. You can register your interest by giving your Email ID : http://www.swiftkey.net/flow/

However, we still do not know if this will be an update to the previous app or just another standalone app.


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