Daily Android Game: Kill Ravana (Indian Festival Dussehra)


Kill Ravana is a very nice game for Android platform based on the Indian Festival “Dussehra”.  Dussehra is a festival celebrates the victory of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana. It is the festival of Victory of Good over Evil. The appKill Ravana” is based on this theme and I hope you will surely enjoy the Indian festive touch in this app.

Now, Talking about the gameplay of this app. This app features the great 10 headed evil Rakshasa (devil) Ravana, Rama has already targeted & killed all the 10 heads of Ravana. However, Ravana has this ability to get back his heads one by one. So, In this game you are provided with bows and arrows by which you have to  shoot Ravana’s head and stop him from resurrecting completely. The longer you stop him, more the score.

This App is available free of Cost on Google Play Store.