XDA Exynos Source Code Mission Report: It doesn’t look well…


Two weeks ago we told you that some XDA members started a mission to get the missing documentation for the Exynos boards from Samsung, and since then, not a lot has happened. On the other side, the results doesn’t look well to the XDA members and developers. It’s a pretty bad situation actually, as XDA Recognized Developer XpLoDWilD states:

Yes, Samsung will release Exynos source code. “Hurraay!!!” ??? No!

What they mean by releasing Exynos source code, is that they will release source code for hardware modules for Exynos development boards. We had this for months on insignal website (which is down since a few weeks/months, but used to be up), which contains outdated source code for Exynos boards. We had some bits of Ice Cream Sandwich code back in March or April iirc, that helped Galaxy S II hwcomposer, but that’s it. Most of the things were stuck at Gingerbread version, and they don’t contain any device-related code.

What does this mean ? For instance, Galaxy S III camera will stay closed, because it is NOT part of Exynos development boards. Galaxy S II audio is still Yamaha proprietary crap, and we will NOT get source code. RIL interface will also remain closed, so all exynos phones will keep on having broken/semi-functional GSM connection (broken Sim Toolkit, unstable data connection, unstable roaming). TV Out will still remain undocumented, and Android interface won’t be opensourced (as it is part of TouchWiz on official ROMs). Same applies for FM Radio.

Moreover, Insignal code drops were delayed as hell. As of today, we still haven’t got anything from official Samsung Jelly Bean, beside kernel source code because they legally have to. As I said, most of the things on Insignal were old, hwcomposer sources for example weren’t working on Galaxy S III (exynos4412), and so on.

Now, I could be wrong and MAYBE they will make this A BIT better (faster code drops), but I’m NOT putting my hopes up on things like Sensors HAL source code, Audio source code, RIL interface documentation, or Camera HAL source code. IMO they just spoke like this to calm down community flood, and make everyone happy and make Samsung look like they’re the new holy grail of developers. I’m not trusting this until I actually SEE those improvements.

So, users, be careful, and we’ll see how it’s going to get.

To sum up, if Samsung ever launches the missing documentation for the Exynos board, the problem will be not solved completely, because some elements will still remain closed, like the RIL interface, Galaxy S2’s Yamaha proprietary audio interface and Galaxy S3’s camera interface, all because they are not parts of the Exynos boards, resulting in half-working or not working at all features in source-built ROMs. Again, this is all subject of change, but it pretty much describes the situation at the moment. It’s disappointing to see such a great project to fail, but who knows? Maybe the tables will turn on the other side as time goes.