Miles Jacobson confirms Football Manager 2013 for Android devices


The gaming studio reveals that illegal copies of the football management simulation outnumber Google Play sales by a ratio of 11:1. Football Manager Handheld developed by Sports Interactive for Android devices saw a risen of piracy up to 11:1 ratio, considerably outnumbering legitimate Google Play store sales.

Recent rumors said that SI is really considering whether or not to withdraw from developing a new FM2013 game for Android.

We went to check this rumors with Mr. Miles Jacobson, the CEO of Sports Interactive and here is what he told us in reply to the matter:

“We set a sales target at the beginning of the project that if we hit we would do another version. Thankfully we have hit that, so we will be doing Football Manager 13 on Android, but it’s quite sad when a business actually has to take piracy into account… we will be making the call year to year.”

So there you have it folks, Football Manager 13 for Android will launch according to plans, no need to worry about a withdrawal yet, however we encourage all Android users, fans of the football management simulation game to consider buying the upcoming game.