Daily Android App (Halloween Special): Halloween Pumpkin Carver


Halloween is getting closer and closer as the days come and go, and you are probably working on a unique pumpkin model, right? Don’t have an idea to start with? If so, we offer you a pretty good and interesting way of making concepts and designs for your Halloween pumpkin: download Halloween Pumpkin Carver for Android and let the carving begin!

Halloween Pumpkin Carver is a cool and unique Android app that lets you develop countless designs for your next Halloween pumpkin or, just for the fun of it.

The user interface is plain and simple: you get a couple of buttons and a blank pumpkin. To begin carving, just outline the shape you want to be carved with your finger and the app itself will do the rest. You can then save your beloved design on your phone and make a new one. If you make a mistake, do not worry: the developers have also provided an undo button in order to save your struggles. There is also the option to “turn off the lights”, which enables a clearer view of the carvings that have been made.