Mod your JellyBean device with this cool Lockscreen Blackberry 10-like


About 3 years ago I bought my first Android smartphone, about the same time I discovered the wonderful Android Universe and the great XDA Forums community. Today I am not here to talk about my past experiences with Android OS and everything related to it, but to share with you a great MOD I discovered through one of my good online friends Mayur Tejsingani (we never met IRL) and a great custom ROM developer.

The MOD he told me about is a Blackberry 10 Lockscreen-like which works on JellyBean devices and apparently it might work on ICS devices as well. The lockscreen is a representation of a black fog (cloud) that hides your smartphone homescreen underneath. I’m not going to go into too many details, Ill just hand you folks the link where the MOD can be found for download, as well as a how-to install guide provided by the man behind this project, evilisto.

Note: This is a MOD for people who have a clue or two about installing or flashing ROMs and other things. Dont try this if you dont know what you’re doing because you can end up with a bricked Android device.

source XDA