Daily Android Game: Hill Climb Racing


Have you been waiting for that cool-looking game with life-like physics and great replay value? If you haven’t found it yet, here’s our perfect choice: Hill Climb Racing.

Hill Climb Racing is a two-dimensional driving game where you have to go through a big number of levels in six different environments, each one a bit harder than the last. Collect coins, do numerous tricks and earn enough money to upgrade your vehicle to make the chances for success bigger.

Every environment is equipped with many hills, bumps and challenges for you to go through. You can do front flips, back flips and other tricks in order to receive more coins. Beware, though. If you manage to turn his car upside down, your run will be over. Also, watch out for your fuel tank. If it gets empty before you collect another refill, it’s all over.

The quality of the game is superb. It’s only 6.1 megabytes in size, but it has everything covered. The graphics are great, the music and sound effects will also impress you, especially the cool sound when you break the driver’s neck. It is highly optimized and runs buttery smooth on consistent 60 fps. The developers are even brave to say that it runs perfectly even or older devices and chipsets. It may sound crazy, but from our experience, we are very confident that they’re telling the truth.

Hill Climb Racing can be found on the Google Play Store for free. You can always buy additional coins from in-app purchases, though.