The man behind Sony Nexus X hoax comes clean


And on it goes. Just published the inside of the LG Nexus 4 to be, wondering whether the picture being real, someone admits to have performed a fake in order to create a hoax. Excellent. We did publish the Nexus X story and make no mistake about it we did know these images are fake. Actually pretty much all Android blogs almost instantly discovered that they are fake as the Photoshop job was quite poor.

That flat front image containing the Play Store shortcut without a label, and on the back even more evidence: both the Google and Sony logo not fluently inserted, that strange kink on the opposite side of the connectors and the lighter grey blur coming from the USB port. We took it with a grain of salt and asked for your advice.

Reading the story and reading the pictures that illustrate his performance, you wonder: “Why?!” Well, just to show Google and Sony ‘how much of a demand there is in the market for a premium Nexus experience’.

This guy did a great job. And it took only 7.5 hours to perform. Suppose someone not this willing to be discovered in the end takes the job seriously and manages to build some stunning images everybody believes in. That would be fun.

No CEO or marketeer would protest – they would just laugh and sit back. They rule the market, not the stories do.rce


  1. I’ll just go ahead and make the first comment on this so called “hoax” which obviously didnt stand for 10 minutes after the images were discovered. What I find interesting and I think I am the only one to suspect it at least at the moment is the fact that Xperiablog published first the BAD PHOTOSHOPED Nexus X images and a week later Xperiablog comes again with the breaking testimony of the so called hoaxster. Wow you’re good Xperiablog, you tricked me there! I gotta give you that.


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