Sony Xperia Jelly Bean updates arriving for 2012 models in Q1 2013, 2011 lineup left in the dark


Sony has just announced their Jelly Bean update scheme for their most recent devices, that includes their recently released Xperia products. Low end models are however missing from the list, that encompasses Xperia U, Miro and Tipo. Those devices will either stick to their ICS build or they might eventually see the Jelly Bean update later next year. Current handsets eligible for the upgrade are as follows:

  1. Xperia T
  2. Xperia TX
  3. Xperia V
  4. Xperia S
  5. Xperia Acro S
  6. Xperia ion
  7. Xperia P
  8. Xperia go
  9. Xperia J

The entire 2011 lineup will not be upgraded to Jelly Bean since they “would not be able to guarantee owners of these smartphones the user experience you expect and we demand”. Sony also said that its latest smartphones, the Xperia T, TX, and V, will be upgraded in Q1 2013 exclusively, but the manufacturer hasn’t given any indication when the rest of the models will receive their updates. Our guess is that the Xperia S along with the Acro series will receive the Jelly Bean taste in late Q1 or even in Q2.

Disgruntled users should eventually either switch to a newer device or adopt a custom rom.

via Sony