XBOX 360 Wireless Controller Successfully Paired to Nexus 7


We already know that the wired XBOX 360 controller is natively supported by Android, but who uses wired controllers now? All the hype is around getting a wireless controller to work on Android devices, because *almost* everything that’s wireless is better than its wired counterpart. That said, the guys have had some hard time lately getting the wireless XBOX 360 controller to work on Android, but as it always goes with the bright minds on XDA-Developers, this problem had been overcome by a member named sleeplessninja. Namely, he made his wireless X360 controller working on his Nexus 7 only by creating a keylayout profile in the /sys/usr/keylayout folder. He was kind enough to share his accomplishment with the whole world on XDA-Developers, and he posted a tutorial, which can be found in the source link down below.

Source: XDA-Developers