WinTeam TWRP2 fully touch recovery updated, based on Jelly Bean AOSP source code.


There’s a lot of Android news coming and going this weeks. Some fantastic devices are to be expected, with some very nice features. But in the meantime, there’s a great amount of Android users not looking for new devices, but playing with their current. The news they look for contains custom ROM updates, new builds.

Rooted users now can update their custom recovery.  Two main recoveries are best known: ClockworkMod and Amon Ra. One other is TeamWin, which has updated its custom recovery TWRP2. This is a fully touch recovery, meaning you don’t have to press the volume button or power button anymore. The updated 2.3 version is based on AOSP Jelly Bean source code. It’s fully XML driven and completely theme-able.

There are two ways to install: one is by using the GooManager app, which is an easy way, though it didn’t work for me. So I used the other way: by flashing the recovery image using Fastboot. This option is for advanced users only. In both cases remember: flashing custom stuff is always at your own risk – but it is fun!