Daily Android App: Google Calendar


Google has added another cool application in their huge Android library and that is the new Google Calendar! It can be found on vanilla Android ROM’s and Google Nexus devices, but, let’s face it: the majority of people probably use a phone that has a modded firmware, such as Samsung’s Touchwiz and HTC’s Sense. Therefore, this app is a worthy installment, which sits in the same league as other Google products, such as the Play Music app, Books and many other ones.

This is not just another calendar application. It’s cool-looking, minimalistic and matches the current design standard set by Google themselves. The first thing that will grab your attention is the calendar itself, which can be set to show the current day, week, month or the agenda for the current day. And that’s a really easy thing to do: just a tap of the current date reveals all of the listed options.

You can scroll between months and days with just flicking your finger up or down. It is also possible to add events as well as edit and delete existing ones. Google also give you the option to set up more than one calendar, which can be either online, or offline.

This application, though it is pretty stable for me, it is still in the development stage. Google have stated that HTC users may encounter some problems, like disappearing notes and events from the calendars and other, smaller problems that are mentioned. Also, the app is only compatible with devices running on Android 4.0.3 ICS and up, at least for now. That can be understandable, because Android 2.3 has gotten old already: it has reached its second birthday and, with another Android release on the way, it quietly becomes obsolete.

To sum up, the