Customers ordering 16GB Nexus 7 in the Netherlands will get 32GB instead in mid-November retailer says


Here’s an interesting news for today, a Dutch customer who already ordered a 6GB Nexus 7 tablet in the country received an email notification today from its local retailer in which it is stated that his order has been delayed for three weeks (mid-November) and that he will receive a 32GB version instead along with the usual apology for the delay.

This email notification pretty much confirms previous leaks that the 32GB tablet price will be (is) similar to 16GB variant if not slightly cheaper. Below is his statement posted on Reddit.

6GB Nexus 7 in the Netherlands, and just got an email that I will get a 32GB one for no extra cost! I got an email from the webshop where I bought it that my order has been delayed (three weeks…), but that I will get a 32GB one. So all the rumours seem to be true, and the Netherlands (presumably the rest of Europe) will get them early November! 

The second quote comes from Dutch retailer MyCom

We have good news for you! Last week, we promised to keep you informed of the Asus Nexus 7 delivery. Meanwhile, we can tell you that it gets delivered in week 45.

6GB that you ordered.

This is great news for all future Nexus 7 customers, but does this mean the 8GB / 6GB Nexus 7 versions will get discontinued as rumors seem to point? It seems so! What do you guys think?