“The Playground is Open” says Google on its invitation sent to the press for an October 29 event in NYC


With all the rumors and details flying around about the next Nexus smartphone, that could be the alleged LG Nexus device that we’ve seen couple of times in a series of leaked images, Google has begun sending out invitations “The Playground is Open” to the press to an event which will take place on at 10AM, October 29th in New York City.

Google doesn’t unveil much in this invitation, however the invite looks like a Google Now page where the Sun is shinning all over New York and the people are pretty active that day. We are guessing the playground is set (NYC), all there’s left is to unveil the toys (Nexus device(s)), right?

As we previously speculated regarding AllThingD D: Dive Into Mobile Global Edition event which takes place on the same date in NYC, where Andi Rubin is on the list of speakers, this save the date press event could be the place where Google is setting the stage for the debut of Nexus 4 phone and maybe not just that but announcing other Nexus devices.

There are a lot of leaks which suggests that a 32GB Nexus 7 tablet is on its way to markets all over the world, and since we’ve been hearing about Google wanting to release several Nexus devices in 2012 from a pretty trustable source – The WallStreet Journal since this spring, and aside from that there’s also a couple of photos that were shared on Picasa of a purported Sony Nexus X  (which almost everyone found them fake)

What to expect from Google event:

  1. 32GB Nexus 7 tablet 3G/WiFi
  2. Nexus 10 tablet
  3. Nexus 4 smartphone
  4. Android 4.2