Rumor: Google and Asus supposedly working on $99 800MHz Nexus tablet


The rumors are up again, Digitimes is reporting that a cheap low end $99 Nexus Tablet is being geared for launch by both Google and Asus. The latter will reportedly feature this sounds a bit cheeky but it could make sense since this processor is just right for such a device, the SoC is a simple 800MHz ARM Cortex-A9 core processor with the single core Mali-400 GPU. If this turns out to be true this could mean that Google would be playing a big game in the low end segment, fighting the upcoming iPad Mini & multiple other Chinese tablets like the Novo 7 series.

As always it’s just a rumor after all & we’ll recommend taking this with a grain of salt. Google may in no time shoot down this rumor but different sources have reported different release dates for this entry-level $99 Nexus 7, but most agree Google will unveil it sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. This tablet won’t obviously run top-notch apps but it might be the perfect device for those who are on budget.

via Digitimes