Asus PadFone 2 videos posted to tell us how intuitive it is


Today, October 16, Asus released the PadFone 2. Just after the press release, Asus shared three videos on its Youtube official channel.

The first one, of course, is a 32 sec. commercial, showing how sleak the PadFone 2 is. The second is a ‘behind the scenes’ story. This story stresses the idea of the PadFone and the PadFone station: it’s simple, effortless and requires no thought. It tells about the new system holding the phone to the station, that took a two year development. The third video is a 1:36 min. demo, showing the PadFone’s unique selling points to captivate you even more.

Remarkable, Asus’ keyword to the PadFone 2 is ‘intuitive’. Rather then giving a technical lecture about all the effort they’ve done, Asus tells a human story about you using this product. Being this well designed and looking beautiful, the Padfone 2 can become a succes.