Android 4.1.2 Updated Gapps package available now to flash for custom ROMs


A new and updated Gapps-package is available from Rootzwiki starting today. All apps in the package have been updated to Android 4.1.2 and Google Play Store to 3.9.16, the version that was pushed last weekend.
Normally, you don’t need the package, because it’s pre-installed on your device. But when you’re rooted and have flashed a custom ROM, you do need one, in order to get access to your Google account. Most custom ROMs don’t come with a package, or have one to be installed separately. Doing so, it can easily be updated without having to update the ROM itself. ROMs also have a shorter update-cycle than the Gapps package has.

The package doesn’t contain the new 4.2 Gmail app that leaked this week. According to Rootzwiki, “Gapps do not include leaked/test versions of Play Store applications, especially when the signing key differs from the Play Store version(s).”

The 4.2 Gmail is still available for download here, does run on Jelly Bean of course and on ICS when you’re rooted. Check Rootzwiki for the package compatible with the Android version you run, when you’re not on either Jelly Bean or ICS.

 Download link