LEAK: Images of a purported Sony Nexus X device uploaded on Picasa


Rumors about Google wanting to release multiple Nexus devices in 2012 have been heard since early May via WSJ, and they keep barging in every once in a while. Not far from a couple of months ago, back in August we’ve heard from an Asian source that numerous manufacturers are working closely together with Google to release their own Nexus device. We are talking here about Samsung, Sony and LG.

Today a couple of photos shared on Picasa by a man named Mutul Yeter which show a purported Sony Nexus X smartphone running Android (likely JellyBean stock interface). We tried to do a check on this guy to see if he is related in any way with Google or Sony, but so far no luck, maybe one of our readers can help us out.

As always we advise to take this with a grain of salt as it may be just a well-developed hoax. Or not? What do you guys think?