Daily Android App: Falcon for Twitter (Widget)


Falcon For Twitter is a powerful widget that brings a complete Twitter client experience to your Android home screen. We have seen many Twitter widgets where you can read or write a tweet, but this little one is a lot more special. You can not only perform the above basic functions but also retweet, reply, check Direct Messages, favourite any tweets and my favourite – You can view all links, photos, videos by one tap without being redirected to any other browser. It means that the contents of the link (let that be an article or a high-definition photo) can be viewed and loaded on the app itself on its in-built browser. Now that’s actually cool.

Talking about the salient features, it already boasts a decent notification system which many top twitter apps at today’s date don’t. The most important thing that people want in their app is customization and this app does not disappoint them. This re-sizable widget has an option of 4 themes and any text colour option which the users can very well mix and match with their home screen wallpaper.

It is fast and smooth as butter. It also includes a basic search feature along with lists on Twitter. It has a clean UI along with shortcut buttons like refresh, direct access to mentions and composing a new tweet. Now that’s what I call a Smart App.

With the highs, come the lows. Being a widget, it faces many restrictions. There are no trends till now. You cannot add any streams too. It also does not have the feature where the user can see the Followers/People he is following. The app has only recently come out of beta and people complain that there are way too many updates. But hey,isn’t that good ?More new features in store for us.

I have been in good touch with the developer through Twitter. He seems to be a very active person. Quickly resolving issues and adding features that Android users like, is something rare I find in developers. Also the developer has promised that he will keep this app FREE of cost and advertisements forever.

In all the app is very powerful. It has maximum twitter functionality.Definately worth a 4/5.

Download Falcon for Twitter free from Google Play store.