Google to update soon the Gmail app to version 4.2 on Android bringing Pinch-2-zoom & Swipe emails


After a long time Google will provide an update of the Gmail app. For me, still running Gingerbread on my Nexus One, the Gmail app has always been something I needed to be able to read mail, but never enjoyed. It’s just an app doing what’s supposed to do, nothing wrong about that, though.

The update version 4.2, and may be or may be not taken from the *supposed to be released soon LG Nexus 4*.

Two features are highlighted. The first is pinch-to-zoom, which is a welcome addition, especially using devices with a large screen. The second is the ‘swipe to’, as the ‘swipe away’ feature in Jelly Bean.

More is to be explored by downloading the apk, and to be found out by yourself. You can give it a try if you’re on Jelly Bean. Installation on Gingerbread failed, but may succeed on ICS.

 via Pocketnow