Dolphin tops 50 million installs and launches Dolphin Jetpack


This week, the Android Dolphin Browser topped 50 million installs. Dolphin is not the only Android browser available, though one of the fastest. And, despite of Chrome, it installs on Gingerbread.

I have been using Dolphin for quite a while now and I’m very pleased with it. The only shortcoming is the size of the app. Still running my Nexus One, Dolphin and it’s add-ons consume a considerable part of memory (15MB Dolphin only). But I like the possibilities, such as the homescreen with shortcuts. A variety of settings make it easy to customize.

New add-on is Dolphin Jetpack, which provides extensive performance and makes Dolphin the highest performing HTML5 browser, according to Dolphin and according to tests. Dolphin has many add-ons, making the browser flexible and attractive to use.

Jetpack is already available in the Play Store. Check here whether your device is compatible.