Google Nexus 4 by LG might launch during ‘Dive Into Mobile’ event scheduled for Oct 29


Le Figaro one of the top French newspaper publications in the country also known world-wide, says that the Google Nexus 4 smartphone launches globally on October 29, while in France will be marketed starting December. Putting pieces together, on October 29th All Things D is holding the D: Dive Into Mobile Global Edition event in New York City, where Mr Andy Rubin, the Senior Vice President, Mobile and Digital Content, Google Inc. is part of the speakers list. Uhmm let’s recap a little bit. So, global launch of the Nexus 4 happens on October 29 at a Global Edition event where the man in charge will hold a speech. Makes sense for you?

If all these little clues put together turn out to be true then Google Nexus brand fans will only have to wait for three more weeks to see their dream come true. However we have no information how soon the device will be available for purchase, but since Google is involved we are expecting to hit the shelves within a few days (if not hours) tops after the event.

What say you?