First review on the MIUI M2 appears on the internet, worldwide release to be expected.


When PD reported the unboxing of the MIUI M2, the source still was in Chinese. Not surprisingly – MIUI is as big in China as it is unknown world wide; the MIUI devices haven’t been released globally just yet. To show it’s popularity: on October 10, a bunch of 200,000 MIUI M1 devices sold out in 3 min. 15 sec.

Despite of being Chinese, MIUI has it’s ‘relatives’ all over the world. MIUIAndroid for example, is based in the UK, and provides very decent English translated versions of the original MIUI ROMs, which are mainly updated every Friday. The newest Jelly Bean based ROMs are multi language, including many main European languages.

MIUI has announced it’s second device, the MIUI M2. MIUIAndroid has pulled a deep review on the phone¬†with some high res images. As you can see, the device looks beautiful and as you can read, the device is a serious rival to the most wanted Android flagships: Android 4.1.1, Quad Core 1.5 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM and 16GB of memory, powered by a 2000mAh battery.

We’re writing on this, because MIUI isn’t just a custom ROM for Android anymore. It’s a real product of it’s own by now, especially considering the MIUI M2 being released worldwide. MIUI really is a benchmark in Android development. Many will look forward to own a MIUI device, so does PocketDroid. We keep you posted!

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