LG Nexus smartphone leaks again in Eastern Europe showing its GALAXY Nexus-like shape


If previous leak didnt clear it out for you, here is another LG-E960 Nexus leak coming from eastern Europe, showing the alleged LG Nexus smartphone without that surrounding casing shown off in earlier leak and as the rumors pointed out before it is almost similar to a GALAXY Nexus.

These new set of images were leaked on a Russian forum pointing to the same codename Mako seen in previous leak. The LG-E960 also runs Android JellyBeanMR1 according to “About phone” image. The close-up rear image reveals the FCC filling number ZNFE960, LG logo, micro USB port at the bottom along with what I assume they are two round (stereo)┬áspeakers.

Now that we have 2 sources showing the next Nexus smartphone running JellyBean 4.1.2 and not 4.2 Key Lime Pie as some speculated, we assume Android 5.0 will be the Key Lime Pie everyone is waiting for which might see a release after the LG Nexus launch.