Universal Root For Android ICS/Jellybean Devices, Xperia T Included


For experienced and power users, probably the first thing to do after buying a new device is to gain root privileges. It may not seem important for the average person, but it means a lot to everyone that’s familiar with those things, including me. The trouble is, some devices can be really easy to root, while there’s a big struggle to do that with others. Lucky for us, there are plenty of developers over the forums to deliver the simplest way of rooting your device while minimizing the risk of bricking it.

Namely, XDA Recognized Developer and a member of the popular FreeXperia Team, Bin4ry, has come up with a script that is able to root almost any device running on Android 4.0 and 4.1. What’s also important to mention is that it is specially optimized for several devices, SONY devices to be exact. Accordingly, these phones run on ICS, but don’t have native Android‘s native restore with ADB function, and those devices are: the NXT line of Xperia handsets and the newest SONY flagship, the Xperia T.

If you are interested in rooting your phone, please check out the original topic posted on XDA. Be warned, though, rooting your device voids your warranty, so think carefully before doing it.