Daily Android App: MadMarbles Live Wallpaper


MadMarbles Live Wallpaper developed by DrKappa renders in realtime lots of colorful, moving, colliding glass marbles right on your Android home screen. The LW allows users to change backgrounds, gravity (change the laws of physics), adjust size, color intensity and the number of marbles with which you can play on your touch screen.

Users can slide individual marbles with their finger just by touching the screen or control all marbles according to the device orientation to let them move automatically. Double tapping the screen creates a new set of marbles.

MadMarbles Live Wallpaper is available on Google Play store in Lite (free version) and Full paid version.

The full version has the following extra features:

  • no advertisement
  • select your own background image or photo
  • select marbles color in single color mode
  • multicolor mode with 10 color schemes and adjustable intensity
  • add a nice halo effect to your marbles
  • an extra background image