Very silently Alcatel introduces the T10 tablet


Very silently, Alcatel introduced a new tablet, the One Touch Tab  T10. Say again, a new tablet – did Alcatel have tablets before the T10? Yes, they did. Earlier in April 2012, Alcatel showed the T20, a tablet running Android 4.0.3 ICS on a 1024×600 16:9 screen.

Alcatel originally is a bulk-phone manufacturer. Since Android becoming important, they also have devices running Android, called OT: One Touch. These are budget-phones considering the price, but not when considering the specs. The flagship is the OT 995, still running Gingerbread by a 1,4 GHz single-core processor, showing a 4,3 inch screen and having an update to ICS promised later this year. That’s a mouth full for a budget-phone. Alcatel isn’t that small in fact. It may be unknown, but it has its market-share in some countries.

Back to the tablet. The OT10 has a smaller resolution compared to the OT20: 480×800 pixels on a 7 inch screen. But it is also running ICS, has 4GB internal storage, a MicroSD slot (up to 32GB) and a mini HDMI port. All very useful.

Best selling-point is the price: in Europe, the T10’s price is set on €119,90 (approx. $144). Compared to the Nexus 7 8GB, that’s €80 off. Sure, you won’t have the Quad-Core processor, but when you’re only surfing and being social by media – using your tablet for fun, it’s enough.

It’s nice to have devices like the Alcatel One Touch T10 around for sure, in these busy rumoring days. You don’t aways need a Nexus to enjoy.


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