Google to Launch Snapseed Android App to Compete With Instagram


Instagram is arguably the most popular photo-sharing service for mobile devices, and now that Facebook has acquired it, Google is trying to enter that game too. It recently bought Nik Software, which is the creator of another photo-sharing service named Snapspeed. It’s a direct competitor to Instagram and is currently only available to iOS, Mac and Windows users. And you might have thought: where’s Android in this picture? And that would be natural, because Google is now the owner of the company, so why wouldn’t it bring the service to its home-made OS? We don’t have an answer to that question, not that it’s too complicated to answer, but because Google is already working on Snapspeed for Android.

This piece of info comes from a Google engineer’s Google Plus profile. His name is Vic Gundotra, and he ‘Snapseeded’ a photo from his last flight directly to his G+ profile. That tells us that a Snapseed app for Android is already in the works, probably being finalized, and that it would have tight integration with Google services like Google+. If you want to see the post that made this news famous, click here and you’ll be directed to Gundotra’s Google+ profile.

Via: TechCrunch